2014 Winter Collab Dolls and Designers

I've spent a lot of time these school holidays drawing up cutting plans and writing fabric lists for the 2014 Winter Collab dolls. Today I began cutting them out...it's a big job and makes a massive mess in our living room. Lucky for me I have a very tolerant family. (Actually, who am I kidding, it just blends in with all the other mess around here! ha!)
So before I get any further down the track, I'd love to share the selected designs with you.Enjoy reading what the child had in mind when designing them.
I really felt like drawing a mermaid, because I like them, but I also wanted to design a rock star, because they are cool. So in the end I decided to mix these together and make a mermaid rockstar.
She is a queen because I like to draw her. She is wearing a dress and tights and shoes. I put a cloak on her because queens wear them. She has long hair. She has love has on her tights. She has a crown.
This is a girl from the Kapahaka and her name is Rangimarie. If she goes out into the world people will know that Maori are here. Her favourite song is Ka Pioioi
I like things to do with snow and ice. And, I like mini monsters. I wanted my doll to have both these things. It is my first doll design. I drew it straight away. I especially wanted one of my mini monsters in it. I named him Tom. I want Tom to look a bit like a monster when he puts his helmet on. He can carry the mini monster in his pocket. Skis might be a bit tricky, so Tom has ice skates on his feet.
I like colours, my bedroom is very colourful. My Nana knitted a clown for my dad when he was little. It sits on a chair in my room now. It has a big red nose. I got the idea from looking at him. I like patterns so the clown's top is a pattern that I liked doing. I had to say the pattern colour's out loud so I knew which colour to draw next.
My doll is called Little Orange Foxing Hood and she has a pet fox called Twitchy. She lives in a forest and she is collecting mushrooms for Twitchy. I love foxes and sometimes I dress up as a fox so that's why my doll is like a fox. I could see it in my head and it looks just like I wanted it to.


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