Making working from home work

It's been 3 months since Needle & Nail officially began and it's been interesting to discover that the reasons that make working from home so great are also all the same reasons that make working from home really difficult.
The freedom to have friends pop out for a visit, run errands during the day, take a spontaneous trip to the beach, playing soccer with the kids and eating lunch together every day is all so wonderful.But it also eats up a lot of working hours for JR.After an especially frustrating day (for both of us) of expecting to get a lot of work done, and getting none done, we decided to turn the dinner off and go outside for a marshmallows and a bonfire instead. It was the best choice we could have made. It was still, dark and peaceful and by the time we were ready to go back inside for dinner the frustration had gone and the kids were calm.
The fact that an institution outside of the home doesn't transfer to home life at all shouldn't really come as a surprise to us. We've already had to learn the same thing with educating from home. Much in the same way that we can't expect to replicate a school system at home, we also cannot expect to replicate an employment situation at home.
Work life has to be done differently. Days, weeks, months all flow very differently outside of the regular 9-5 with lunch and smoko breaks. It will work like that some days, but not every day. And we wouldn't want it to, or we wouldn't have made the choice to work from home.
As far as we can see so far, being able to work from home (and educate from home) ultimately comes down to two things -  being personally disciplined, and embracing the interruptions/opportunities as a freedom we have chosen for ourselves, not a frustration.

Stay true, friends!


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