New Product | Fishing Rods

Awhile ago a friend suggested that JR add a fishing rod to his wooden toy range. I imagined a dowel with a handle, but in true JR style this is what he comes out of the workshop with. I mean, of course a rod should be bent - kids will be catching monstrous fish with them won't they? 
Silly me.
But seriously, we've had these out and about being product tested by boys and girls of various ages for a few weeks and they have proven to be very popular. And by 'very' I mean...it would be wise to buy one *per* child! And by that I mean...an added bonus to buying this rod is that it provides opportunity for your children to practice turn-taking and sharing.
See how thoughtful we are? Not only will this toy provide hours of imaginary play, development of hand eye coordination and fine motor-skills, it also provides life skills and character development.
You're welcome :)


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