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Toy rifles have a bad rep, it's true. Officially they aren't a politically correct toy. 
But despite their apparent malevolence they are consistently our best seller.
And here are some reasons why we think you should consider joining the trend:
  • Each Rolston Rifle comes with a 'licence' that can be personalised for your child. Decide together as a family on some rules and use it to teach appropriate firearms use.
  • Rifles cannot be played with indoors so you know what this means - they force your kids to go and play outside.
  • There are very few genuinely interesting outdoor toys for boys who have outgrown Tonka trucks. Screens tend to start filling this gap. We've observed the rifles as being a simple toy that still manages to encourage boys to get outside, for long periods of time and exercise their imaginations at the same time as their bodies.
  • By genuinely interesting I mean, as parents (especially us mothers) we can tend to buy toys that are trendy or that we would like our kids to play are with. And maybe your son would love a ukelele or a rustic basket for foraging berries but with having four boys, we've learnt quickly what toys hold interest and which toys don't.
  • A toy that holds the interest of a child increases their concentration time, ie they play at a game for longer and complain less about being bored.
  • A rifle is a toy that can be enjoyed by one child, or a group of children.
  • And as far as hunting animals for food, there is huge value to teaching our children the truth about the typical (ie supermarket sourced) process and sustainability of including meat in our diets. 
  • Go, play!
(Photo source: K. Robinson)


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