The Mini Mailbox - not just a pretty face

I'm sure you've all heard of (and experienced!) sibling rivalry, but what about the opposite?
Is sibling harmony even possible? And if so, how do you nurture it between your children? 

As well as being a gorgeous accessory to any room, we designed the mailboxes to primarily be just that, a tool to develop regular and open communication between us and our children and to intentionally nurture sibling harmony

Bickering comes easily to siblings, but creating a culture of love and encouragement between siblings takes a bit more effort. We have used to the mailboxes to encourage the children to write notes to each other, for example, when a sibling has done a great job at something, or to thank them for an act of kindness, or to express happiness when something great happens for a sibling (even though it was something they really wanted for themselves).

The benefits are two-fold, because not only does this encourage the recipient to repeat the same great behaviour, it also encourages the note-writer to notice the good in their sibling.
To take the time to hand write a note holds a lot more meaning than a briefly spoken word.has such a deeper level of meaning than just saying a quick word. Also, it's pretty darn exciting to see the red flag up on your mailbox!
We have seen - and received - some beautiful notes and pictures. And the novelty hasn't worn off yet - every single night when we say goodnight to the kids the last thing they say is, "Can you please write me a note tonight?"

Based on how often they are used and the fact that JR did such a stunning job with the final product (umm, wooden hinges!) we truly believe that every family should have one, too.
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"Even if we just had that letter box for a day it would have been worth it. Notes and encouragement galore. I've got a few from my boys that I will treasure forever." 


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