J O U R N E Y | 6 months

It's been 6 months since we opened our Needle & Nail store on Etsy!
It has been such a fun ride so far. We've been able to cross so many things off our 'dreams' list that we could never have even hoped for.
One of those was having a 3 page feature in the current Homestyle magazine! In June stylist extraordinaire, Anya Brighouse, drove in rain all the way from Auckland and dodged puddles on our driveway just so she could chat with us. Anya is one of the most truly generous souls we've had the honour of crossing paths with, and we could have stayed chatting all day. 
A month later we opened our (very, very tidied up!) home to Alice (editor) and Evie (photographer) who came and photographed us and our home for the day. These ladies get to experience the most amazing homes and hosts every day but they were so gracious and never once made us feel uncomfortable about our non-designer home or the plain egg pie for lunch!
The Homestyle team is a good one, and so is their magazine. Their product is worth your support.
So, where to from here? Another 6 months would be rad! 
There are another couple of amazing opportunities that have opened up for us in the next couple of months that we are SUPER excited about but to be honest, we're straight off the back of a few "too-good-to-be-true" scenarios that, unfortunately, did turn out to be just that. And most days this all feels too good to be true.
So with a healthy dose of reality we've decided to just enjoy every single new experience we've been gifted as a result of following this dream - for as long as it lasts. Whether it's a magazine article or setting up for a market together at 6.30am or watching The Block in the evenings while crafting or getting to have JR around for lunch everyday...we're just so thankful to be here, and for every single one of our wonderful customers.
Thank you for sharing this journey with us xx


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