...we are rushed off our feet with orders. (Thank you for choosing to buy your Christmas gifts from us!!)
...our days are spent with every spare minute working on building stock - for markets and online sales.
...there have been a lot of late nights. Very late nights.
...we've been eating lots of snacks and watching The Block NZ during the late nights.
...countless hours and bubble wrap have been used for packaging orders.
...I have used 3km of white cotton thread!
...we ran out of stock on 2 different products but JR worked around the clock to build up more stock that I think we got away without anyone knowing!
...I made some angel dolls that, thanks to the creative process, ended up being more fluffy snowflake dolls (pictured)
...I have been dreading anyone getting sick right now.
...we set up a pop-up shop in our creative local hub, Walton St Collective.
...we have been doing a lot of markets - we are at the General Collective Market this Saturday 22 Nov in Ellerslie from 9-3, and Hamilton central Marketplace from 3-9pm!
...I haven't even thought about our own Christmas, or bought one single present yet! Wahhh. We joked to the kids that they can have another doll and another rifle!
...we're enjoying the busy-ness because we know it's not always going to be this busy (and also we need some cash to buy a bigger car because our small humans seem to be growing larger. I know, so rude.)

What have YOU been up to? Tell me, has anyone set their Christmas tree up yet?


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