Auckland Fair Info

We are at the Auckland Fair at the Auckland waterfront this Sunday!
Somehow we managed to get sandwiched right between two very stylish brands - Pamelinhia and the Bread and Butter Letter ladies.
AND right next to us is a rest area, a fun photo booth and a gorgeous floral wall!
Talk about the sweet spot!

As well as JR's stunning wooden products, this is the doll-stock I'll be bringing...
We are looking forward to seeing you! And if you're still undecided about coming, there are so many amazing (AMAZING!) makers at this fair, it's definitely worth the trip.
More details here.
So if any of these take your fancy and you'd like to get to us quickly, here is where you need to head as soon as the doors open at 11am.
(I have included a larger version of this image on our Facebook page)


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