J O U R N E Y | Behind the scenes

As predicted, sales have slowed right down since Christmas, but that has been fine by us. Pre-Christmas was crazy - in a way we could have never predicted or hoped for - so we have welcomed the last couple of slower months. It has given us time to enjoy the summer, work on new product designs and get used to the idea that there will be a new baby in our family again soon.
Part of that adjustment has meant selling our 7-seater car and buying an 8-seater. So far we have sold our 7-seater but haven't yet found an 8-seater. Lots of big decisions (mostly revolving around seatbelts, boot space and price ranges!) but hopefully we find a suitable replacement car soon!

The kids have settled back into schooling, with our 4th child, Danny, joining us for 'formal' lessons this year. I'm finding that teaching my 4th child to read, at the same time as teaching 3 older kids, is a bit more challenging than it was teaching my first child to read! But we're slowly finding our rhythm.
Now that he has no pre-school playmate in the mornings, Sawyer usually roams between JR's workshop (gluing lots of little pieces of wood together) or taking the opportunity to play with the big brothers' forbidden Lego creations! I find it amusing, but the bigger boys never do ;)

It's hard to believe we're almost halfway through March already!
We hope your year is going great and we are so grateful for your support of our little family and business.


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