Dolls, dolls, dolls

With the realisation that doll-making time is limited, I am working harder than I usually would on trying to make as many dolls as I possibly can to meet some of the demand before baby #6 arrives.

These six are coming up to Auckland with us to the General Collective Market Day this Saturday.
This is the first time I restricted myself to a limited colour palette and even drew up a quick sketch of what each doll would wear. It made the cutting out process so much quicker because I wasn't distracted by fabric combinations as much as I usually would be. I love being inspired by fabrics, it feels really organic, but working within a 'theme' is just so much more time efficient, so I'm pretty sure it's where I'll settle for the next little while.

If you'd like to see every doll I've made so far this year, check out the 'Dolls 2015' album on our Facebook page. So far I've made 22 in the last 2 months, with another 14 currently in production! Phew!


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