J O U R N E Y | To market, to market

So one really cool part of this whole handmade business venture has been the opportunity to be on the other side of the table at markets.

Here are a few things we've enjoyed and learnt after our first summer season of markets:

  • Being on the other side of the table at a market means having to get up really early on the weekend.
  • It also means a LOT of shuffling and juggling of children.
  • Sometimes it means getting all five kids up with you at 5:30 and taking them to the markets with you.
  • If this has to happen - choose a market with open space and take lots of food, card games and colouring books. Or, an iPad if you have one.
  • It's wise to keep a 'Market Day Checklist'. Otherwise you may go to a fancy big-city market and realise you've forgotten to bring any bags along.
  • Forgetting to bring bags isn't always a bad thing - it's wonderful advertising when people are carrying your product around a market ;)
  • Snoop at other stallholder's gazebos. Find the good ones and ask where they got them from.
  • A decent gazebo very quickly pays for itself in windy/rainy conditions.
  • Wind and rain is not a good combination for wooden items.
  • Always try to improve, or change up, your stall presentation.
  • Remember to order more business cards before you only have 10 left.
  • Have market prices.
  • You can't always pick a "good" (profitable) market.
  • You just have to 'be in it, to win it'.
  • At our worst market, we only sold one item.
  • A busy market doesn't necessarily equate to a profitable market.
  • A slow market is a long market.
  • A slow market can be salvaged if your neighbours are rad.
  • All of our market neighbours have been rad.
  • The market stallholder community is a fantastic community to be a part of.
  • We are so grateful to have had this opportunity to be a part of it with each other.
  • Next summer season there may even be a little baby Needle & Nail-er at the markets with us :)


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