For Making's Sake

Over the weekend it was dark and rainy - I decided it was the perfect weather to hunker down and do some selfish sewing. I indulgently made two dolls just for the sake of it. I think creating for yourself it should be a regular business practice for all creatives.
Just another baby-wearing doll?
But wait, there's more...
I pinned this stunning, tasteful, childbirth doll by Frida's Tierchen a few years ago and always hoped I'd have a chance to try to create something similar. This was really more about "giving it a go" and my own creative curiosity than any intention to use it as an 'education through play' tool.
We homebirth so childbirth is a very natural (normal) part of life for our children, but with the kids being a bit older and the age gap being bigger than usual, I was half-expecting a bit of boyish silliness when I showed the kids this doll. It was so special to share the doll with Sawyer, 3, who hasn't been on this side of childbirth before, and then with Danny, who was only 2 at Sawyer's birth.
I was expecting the most 'silliness' from Danny so was actually pleasantly surprised to see him immediately become very protective and caring towards the doll. I even overheard him telling Sawyer to be "gentle with the mummy because she has just had a baby".
One thing we have always found is that our children have always ultimately acknowledged and respected the sacredness around childbirth. And with another baby just around the corner, the reaction to this doll was a good reminder for me of how normal childbirth is for children if approached naturally.

Please note:
* This is for my personal collection only, I do not intend to make these to sell. Please visit Frida's Tierchen or search on Etsy for similar dolls.


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