J O U R N E Y | One year later!

One year ago, the timing finally felt right, so we took the plunge, waited to see how far we got and vowed to be grateful for every day we had no matter how many or few.
And here we are with 365 days under our belt already!
There have certainly been lean times but there have also been amazing opportunities that have come our way as a result of hitting "open shop" on Etsy one year ago.
Highlights have included:
  • The kids seeing their dad more often!
  • Me seeing my guy more often!
  • Being able to pop out to do errands without having to take all 5 kids with me!
  • Being featured in Homestyle magazine!
  • And Extra Curricular magazine!
  • And the cover of Mollie Makes magazine!
  • Travelling and doing markets together
  • Meeting amazing artisans
  • Slowly becoming a part of the wonderful handmade community in NZ
  • An AMAZING first Christmas season
  • A lovely long (guilt-free) summer holiday after a crazy Christmas season
We asked the kids what the best thing about mum and dad working for Needle & Nail was - the number one comment was Dad working from home, and Danny also shared that he thinks it's exciting when we sell something and, Sawyer? He said, 'umm, probably the chainsaw'. Haha.

We couldn't have done it without every one of you who has encouraged us, supported us by purchasing or helped promote us online.
We are so grateful for every day past 365 we get to do this.

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