Tiny Eyes 2015 Winter Collab

I am SO excited about this year's collab! Would you check out this line up?!
Inspired by our new baby bundle arriving soon, I hunted down some amazing New Zealanders and Australians hand making gorgeous items for babies and kids for this year's collab.

I'll introduce each partner further over the next few weeks but please check them out in the mean time (click on names below to see more):
Mushama & Me - NZ
Fillies and Foal - AUS
Hello Stranger - NZ
Typically Red - AUS
Make Me Pop - NZ
OMA Rapeti - NZ
Paperboat Productions - AUS
Hello Fallow - NZ
Free Range Baby - NZ
Little Noggi - AUS

Also, there is an extra-special twist to the collab this year, that I know you will LOVE, so watch this space. It's going to be a fun (busy) few weeks.



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