TUTORIAL | Arrow Quiver

STEP 1 || Cut two contrasting pieces of fabric 22cm x 35cm and a 22cm piece of trim (if desired).
STEP 2 || With right sides together sew across the top. Include trim if using.
STEP 3 || Open and top stitch.
STEP 4 || At the bottom right corner of your outer fabric attach the bottom of your shoulder strap , or D rings if you'd like an adjustable should strap. (Remember to allow for seams).
STEP 5 || With the right sides together, fold your fabrics in half long-ways. Sew the entire way around the edge, leaving a small gap at the bottom of your inner fabric for turning through.
STEP 6 || Flatten out all four corners and sew across your fabric approx 1.5cm in.
STEP 7 || Turn through and close gap.
STEP 8 || Push inner fabric into the outer fabric and fold down approx 5cm.
STEP 9 || Measure your strap to fit your child and attach the top to the left of your seam. If you are making an adjustable strap, attach a long section of strapping, thread it through your D rings and trim to suit.
STEP 10 || Go hunting in the old summer corn patch your parents are yet to deal with!


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