2015 was our second Christmas season, and to be honest we didn't think we could really be any busier than we had been the year before. But somehow, we received so much support through orders and markets that JR was literally working double shifts for about 2 and a half months leading up to Christmas.
Now, on a screen, 'double shifts' is just two little words that are read quickly, but in reality it meant JR began work - from his little workshop on the other side of our garage - around 8am and worked until dinner time, when he joined us for dinner. He'd then read the kids a story, tuck them in to bed and head back out to the workshop and work until 1-3am every night. Meanwhile, I'd be answering emails and then falling asleep to the sound of a router, sander, or some kind of machine. By the 24th of December we had almost sold out of everything.
So, because of the hours put in at the end of last year, JR has hardly had the heart to fire up the machines and replace the out-of-stock items. But there are little piles of partially constructed products laying around the workshop again and our shop is slowly being restocked. Hurrah!
Thank you for your patience, we've enjoyed our much needed season of balancing out that work-life ratio.


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