Dolls & Dresses

As soon as I saw pictures of Rhiannon's latest batch of Croutons dresses incorporating vintage embroidery, I had visions of sweet girls with dolls in matching dresses. I'm so grateful Rhiannon gave me the opportunity to express my vision and I couldn't be happier with how they've turned out.
What a dreamy pairing, amiright?

Here are the purchasing details:
Dolls will be listed on the Rhiannon's Toast Clothing Facebook page at 7:00pm NZDT, on Thursday 17 March. First to comment sold will get the doll. Winners will then have an opportunity to browse the album to select a matching dress in their preferred size.
The remaining 40+ dresses will then be listed to the general public at 8:00pm.
And if you would like to browse before you buy, full photos and details will be available for preview on the Toast Clothing Facebook page on Wednesday.

Photos by: Rhiannon Larsen


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