I - Mini Mailbox



These gorgeous mini mailboxes are perfect for posting love notes from parents, or money from the tooth fairy, or Valentine's Day treats from secret admirers, or - if they're super stealthy - candy from grandparents.Our five kids have one each in their bedrooms and we have one in the kitchen. They are used every day and we've found them to be really great for nurturing encouragement and kindness between each other also. It's hard to say who gets more excited to see a red flag up - them or us!

Each of our Needle & Nail mailboxes are beautifully handcrafted using an original design and feature a tin outer and solid wood frame, door and hinge. Please select colour at checkout.

Customer feedback:"Even if we just had that letter box for a day it would have been worth it. Notes and encouragement galore. I've got a few from my boys that I will treasure forever."

Dimensions (approx)L: 20cm (8") H: 16cm (6") W: 14cm (5.5")

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